Sale Spotlight: Loft Extra 60% Off Sale

I figured my wardrobe needed a little spring refresh and you can never beat a Loft 60% off sale! This is what made it through to my cart:

Clockwise: Fine Melange Tee in Grey Space Dye and Whisper White (was $39.50, now $14 each), Mixed Media Top in Pink Buff (was $39.50, now $23.70), Slit Pencil Skirt in Citron Yellow and Black (was $69.50, now $24 each), and Pointelle Ribbed Sweater in Pastel  Teal and Tawny Mauve (was $59.50, now $12 and $10, resepectively).

Geo Pave Stud Earrings (was $24.50, now $8) and the Teardrop Baguette Crystal Necklace (was $49.50, now $16)

I absolutely love Loft accessories so I had to pick up a couple new pieces! I've always been drawn to large sparkly necklaces and this combination of green/blue/black really pulled me in. I'm also getting into wearing earrings again and these little ear crawlers are the perfect staple pair!

Picked up any new duds for a spring refresh? Let us know in the comments below!

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Sale Spotlight: LOFT Extra 40% Off Sale

Just picked up a few things from the LOFT extra 40% off clearance sale! These pieces will definitely transition well between winter/spring and I'm always up for purchasing an affordable comfy sweater. An added bonus? A $25 LOFT Cash Card for every $50 spent!
Featured Items:

Shirred Chambray Shirt in Ballpoint Blue | $17.99 was $54.50
Hi-Side Split Sweater in Moonshadow Heather | $14.93 was $59.50
Pointelle Sweatshirt Sweater in Arctic Grey Melange & Lemon Drop | $14.93 each was $49.50

Thrift Trip: Weekend Picking

This weekend I went on one of the most fruitful thrifting adventures I'd been on in awhile! Our first stop was meant to be Starbucks, until we ran into two garage sales in a really nice neighborhood! I picked up a wooden whale/shark/fish figurine for FIFTY CENTS as well as a basket I plan on planting a vine in and FIVE awesome pieces of art. Three are original paintings, one is a print, and the other is a really cool magnetic hurricane tracking chart - perfect for living in South Florida. The latter was only $3 and the other four were $15 all together. I haven't been to a yard sale in such a long time but now I definitely feel reenergized to check them out more often!

The next store I went to was one owned by a family friend, and is most kindly referred to as more of a junk/thrift store, which I absolutely love! Yes, you definitely need to block out a few hours to see the entire store, and even then there's a chance you're going to miss something but it's worth it! I found so many brass items and even though I left some things there, these just had to come home with me. Every so often I come by a cat motif that I cannot say no to and this was definitely one of those times! The turtle's shell opens revealing a small compartment, the small tray needs some cleaning/polishing but is otherwise amazing, the fish is an old ashtray but I loved the little details, and the books are a third edition copy of Jane Eyre and Ancient America Paradise Lost. I also picked up a brass box which I am now obsessed with and tried saying no to (and failed miserably).

Wooden Figurine, $0.50
Basket, $1.00
Large Scale Art, $15 for four pieces
Hurricane Map, $3
Small Brass Tray, Brass Cat Figurine, Fish Motif Ashtray, Brass Turtle, Large Brass Box, Jane Eyre, and Ancient America Paradise Lost, $45 for the lot

Thrift Trip: B is for Brass

I've been following Brynne of The Gathered Home on Instagram for quite some time, so when she started her ABCs of Gathering tag I became really excited as I knew B would be one of my favorites. Of course, it was 'B is for Brass'! I think brass figurines/vessels/lamps are the one thing that I cannot walk away from when I encounter them at the thrift store. Even when I moved I had an entire storage box labeled 'brass tchotchkes," which just goes to show that I take my hoarding collecting seriously!

This weekend while waiting for a seller from OfferUp to meet me (more on that app later!) I had some time to kill so I popped into a Goodwill (or three) to see what I could find. Sure enough, I came home with a few more brass items but also some other things that I really love.

Here are a few of the items that came home with me (not pictured is a rattan wine rack, a children's book that had the most gorgeous images titled Selena, the Mouse, and the Giant Cat, and yet another brass lamp). The brass lobster was my first find and I found it while on my tippy toes feeling around on the top shelf in the home section! I found a few of them on etsy going about 20 times more than I paid for this guy (you can find them here). I can definitely never say no to a brass animal! At the same Goodwill I found both the large and small brass vessels and the silver vessel by F.B. Rogers (you can find them on etsy here).

The wicker tray was a much needed find for me as I just built my new Ikea Billy Bookshelves last week and I need to corral a few items on there and a small print is always a great find!

What are your weekend thrift finds? Let us know in the comments below!

Art print: $2.99
Brass vessel, small: $1
Brass vessel, large: $1.50
Silver vessel: $1
Brass lobster: $2.99
Wicker tray: $1

Thrift Trip: Feeling Literary

I went thrifting at one of my local haunts this weekend and came home with some beautiful hardcover books. The newest additions? Face Forward by Kevyn Acoin, a few Life Nature Library books, one on Evergreens (rightfully titled Evergreens), as well as a Shel Silverstein book - A Light in the Attic. I haven't had a chance to read any of them yet but the photos in these books themselves are amazing. 

A Bit of Today: Finding the Perfect Pair of Flats

I needed a new pair of comfortable flats for work and came upon the perfect pair at Marshalls this morning! They are the Coach Bianca Flats in warm blush with rose gold hardware. Can't wait to take them out for a spin tomorrow.

How are you spending your weekend? Comment below!

Oh, We Let This Drift Away

In 2015 I was lucky enough to go to two concerts, which has become unheard of in my old age! ;) I saw one of my all-time favorite bands in concert - Third Eye Blind - at Bayfront Park in Miami, FL over the summer. I missed practically all of the first act, Dashboard Confessional, but I was able to hear their last set from the parking lot and it nearly brought me to tears!

Winter Skincare Must Haves

Even though I live in sunny South Florida, the weather has definitely been a bit drier this winter and with the drop in temperatures recently I've found myself reaching for these skincare bits more frequently:

Living Well One Line A Day

At the end of last year, I went through a bit of a rough patch, and although I'm still working my way out of it I decided to do something for me that would help me reflect on my journey back to feeling 'okay'. Insert the Living Well One Line a Day: A Five Year Reflection Book. I think the color itself speaks mountains - it's just such a bright and happy yellow! I keep this little number on my nightstand and every night I reflect on the day and write about something that happened, something to think about, how I felt, etc. What's really great about this little book is that it provides you with prompts if you're having trouble figuring out where to start. 

My Best Friend's Wedding

Exactly a week ago today I was celebrating what was sure to be one of the happiest days of 2016 - my best friend's wedding! It was a beautiful backyard wedding followed by a barbecue under the stars. It absolutely poured the entire week leading up to it, but the wedding day and night stayed completely dry until the cutting of the cake - which turned out to be a great sendoff for the couple! It was such a beautiful ceremony and I am so appreciative to have been able to stand next to my best friend, as her maid of honor, while she exchanged vows with the love of her life.