Thrift Trip: B is for Brass

I've been following Brynne of The Gathered Home on Instagram for quite some time, so when she started her ABCs of Gathering tag I became really excited as I knew B would be one of my favorites. Of course, it was 'B is for Brass'! I think brass figurines/vessels/lamps are the one thing that I cannot walk away from when I encounter them at the thrift store. Even when I moved I had an entire storage box labeled 'brass tchotchkes," which just goes to show that I take my hoarding collecting seriously!

This weekend while waiting for a seller from OfferUp to meet me (more on that app later!) I had some time to kill so I popped into a Goodwill (or three) to see what I could find. Sure enough, I came home with a few more brass items but also some other things that I really love.

Here are a few of the items that came home with me (not pictured is a rattan wine rack, a children's book that had the most gorgeous images titled Selena, the Mouse, and the Giant Cat, and yet another brass lamp). The brass lobster was my first find and I found it while on my tippy toes feeling around on the top shelf in the home section! I found a few of them on etsy going about 20 times more than I paid for this guy (you can find them here). I can definitely never say no to a brass animal! At the same Goodwill I found both the large and small brass vessels and the silver vessel by F.B. Rogers (you can find them on etsy here).

The wicker tray was a much needed find for me as I just built my new Ikea Billy Bookshelves last week and I need to corral a few items on there and a small print is always a great find!

What are your weekend thrift finds? Let us know in the comments below!

Art print: $2.99
Brass vessel, small: $1
Brass vessel, large: $1.50
Silver vessel: $1
Brass lobster: $2.99
Wicker tray: $1

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