Thrift Trip: Mixed Metals

Went on a little thrift trip today and here's what I came home with:

I hadn't realized it before checking out, but the clerk at the register saw my cart and said, "Oh, so you have a thing for metals." Yes, I suppose I do! So here's what I came home with: a brass duck bookend, small giraffe ring holder, brass container, and a copper tea pot. Funny enough, I've thrifted these duck bookends before, at a small thrift store in Georgia, so of course this one had to come home with me. I've also been finding a lot of these brass containers recently and I have a bit of a collection going! Also - so very excited about this copper tea pot. I'm thinking of using it as a vessel for flowers? 

Any tips on polishing various metals would be much appreciated! That giraffe needs a little bit of attention...

Brass duck bookend: $4.99
Giraffe ring holder: $1.99
Brass container: $4.99
Copper tea pot: $2.99


Sale Spotlight: Urban Outfitters

I couldn't help it. Once in awhile Urban Outfitters has a ridiculously good sale and this was one of those times. Here's {just some of} what I picked up:

Deer Trophy Wall Sculpture, was $89, now $39.99

Magical Thinking Sundown Mirror, originally $69, now $39.99

thrift trip: all about {homeware}

After about five months of foregoing any thrift store shopping excursions, I set out today on a little shopping trip of my own to the three closest Goodwills and guys! Here's what I found: