Sale Spotlight: LOFT Extra 40% Off Sale

Just picked up a few things from the LOFT extra 40% off clearance sale! These pieces will definitely transition well between winter/spring and I'm always up for purchasing an affordable comfy sweater. An added bonus? A $25 LOFT Cash Card for every $50 spent!
Featured Items:

Shirred Chambray Shirt in Ballpoint Blue | $17.99 was $54.50
Hi-Side Split Sweater in Moonshadow Heather | $14.93 was $59.50
Pointelle Sweatshirt Sweater in Arctic Grey Melange & Lemon Drop | $14.93 each was $49.50

Thrift Trip: Weekend Picking

This weekend I went on one of the most fruitful thrifting adventures I'd been on in awhile! Our first stop was meant to be Starbucks, until we ran into two garage sales in a really nice neighborhood! I picked up a wooden whale/shark/fish figurine for FIFTY CENTS as well as a basket I plan on planting a vine in and FIVE awesome pieces of art. Three are original paintings, one is a print, and the other is a really cool magnetic hurricane tracking chart - perfect for living in South Florida. The latter was only $3 and the other four were $15 all together. I haven't been to a yard sale in such a long time but now I definitely feel reenergized to check them out more often!

The next store I went to was one owned by a family friend, and is most kindly referred to as more of a junk/thrift store, which I absolutely love! Yes, you definitely need to block out a few hours to see the entire store, and even then there's a chance you're going to miss something but it's worth it! I found so many brass items and even though I left some things there, these just had to come home with me. Every so often I come by a cat motif that I cannot say no to and this was definitely one of those times! The turtle's shell opens revealing a small compartment, the small tray needs some cleaning/polishing but is otherwise amazing, the fish is an old ashtray but I loved the little details, and the books are a third edition copy of Jane Eyre and Ancient America Paradise Lost. I also picked up a brass box which I am now obsessed with and tried saying no to (and failed miserably).

Wooden Figurine, $0.50
Basket, $1.00
Large Scale Art, $15 for four pieces
Hurricane Map, $3
Small Brass Tray, Brass Cat Figurine, Fish Motif Ashtray, Brass Turtle, Large Brass Box, Jane Eyre, and Ancient America Paradise Lost, $45 for the lot