thrift trip: all about {homeware}

After about five months of foregoing any thrift store shopping excursions, I set out today on a little shopping trip of my own to the three closest Goodwills and guys! Here's what I found:

I have been trying to be more selective with what I bring home with me (because contrary to what my boyfriend thinks, no one likes to be a hoarder - yes, not even me!) and I think I finally have a good grasp on what is my style. For now anyway. At the first Goodwill I stopped in, I made a beeline to the back wall where all of the dishware was displayed and on a shelf right next to it was this large brown leather pouch! I'm talking the most gorgeous, soft leather in the best shade of brown (if there was such a thing). Also - it fits my laptop perfectly. At the same location I also picked up these vintage metal wire baskets that I may spray paint a more brass-y color (or maybe even copper?), two books from the series Great Museums of the World (published in 1967), and yes, that cactus print. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a sucker for little succulents and there was no way this was not coming home with me. For $3. At the next GW I picked up two volumes of the History of the World (p. 1937) because I couldn't resist adding to my book collection, and at the third GW I came home with nothing. Because sometimes it works out that way and sometimes you just don't care because you have a cactus print waiting for you in your car that you just want to take home and hang. Or something like that.

Find any treasures thrifting lately? Share in the comments below!

Items featured in photograph:
Large leather pouch, $3.00
Framed cactus print, $3.00
Vintage metal wire baskets, $3.00 each
History of the World V. III by Victor Duruy, $1.50
History of the World V. V by Victor Duruy, $1.50
Great Museums of the World: British Museum London, $1.50
Great Museums of the World: Louvre Paris, $1.50

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