thrifty days ahead

One of my New Year's resolutions for 2013 was to spend less - sound familiar to anyone? (; This does not mean in any way that I am on a shopping ban (because let's be serious, who has that much self control!), but only that when I do shell out some money, it is either 1) seriously marked down / bought with the help of coupons 2) from the Thrift Shop (yes, Macklemore - I'm looking at you!) or 3)  it'll last me awhile (quality > quantity, always).

Following up with this buying trend (and to make sure I keep on track with this particular resolution), I'll be posting about my savvy shopping endeavors here on Acquired Lovelies! I can only aspire to be one of those crazily thrifty ladies and gents featured on shows like 'Extreme Couponing,' but we'll just have to see where this all takes us (:

To start off, I thought I'd share with you some things I bought from my local Goodwill and another item I bought from a locally run thrift store (which I believe is known simply as, 'thrift shop' - rightfully named I suppose!).

The horse bookend I scored at Goodwill for $2 along with the globe (marked for $4!). I had been searching for a vintage globe for the absolute longest time and was thrilled to find this one marked for so cheap!  I have quite the affinity for old maps and globes (I also own a political world map from 1975 - hello, Soviet Union!), and couldn't wait to add this one to my {hopefully} growing collection.  The crystal container I bought from my local thrift for $6 - it is absolutely gorgeous, has a very substantial weight to it, and will now possibly house my Revlon Lip Butters (or some other sort of beauty item).

Shopping total: $12 + tax

Until next time,

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